Global Warming vs Climate Change

In the run up to Copenhagen, there were always bound to be nay-sayers trying to shout out as much as the activists that it's "all a hoax", that "Al Gore lied about it all" and that, in fact, we're going into a "Global Cooling!!!". (mulitple exclamation marks in their comments for effect). I even had someone give me a schpeel about it via twitter the other day after I had retweeted a link to a petition urging Obama to attend Copenhagen.

My feeling towards all these people is that maybe they are too attached to the actual words "Global Warming". In a way I don't blame them – it really isn't the best of terms for what's happening to our planet. I see it as a case of the media coining a phrase without really understanding it, and then the masses just taking it as face value. It's actually one of the reasons that I specifically prefer to use the umbrella term "Climate Change".

I actually don't disagree with the nay-sayers comment about "global cooling going on", I just disagree with their view of it being so singular.

Yes, there is warming in some areas, but considering that there is always balance in nature, it stands to reason that there must also be cooling happening in other areas. Drought in places, masses of storms in another. It is the way of the world. One does not cancel out the other and one does not happen without the other.

The truth as I see it is that there are undeniable changes happening world-over affecting every type of climate.

I just wish people could step back a little and see the big picture.