BP oil spill infographic


So I have finally buckled and am posting something related to the BP oil spill.

I’ve kind of being avoiding saying anything about it because I feel that there’s no point really. We all know it’s a complete and utter disaster which will affect entire ecosystems and their animals and plants far beyond the area of the spill for many years. Pointing fingers doesn’t help fix it. There is no option but to put processes in place to try to lessen the impact as soon as possible. It’s disheartening and tragic, yet for all the uproar, I’m pretty sure we’ll see more oil rigs being set up in new areas.

But anyway, before I get totally depressed and drag you down with me, this infographic is interesting in terms of explaining the cost impact of the oil spill.

Now we need someone to make an infographic putting the terms of the environmental costs together.. that could be very interesting…