The story of the travelling frog

One of my partner’s colleagues recently returned from a holiday in Botswana, only to discover that a frog had crawled into the tarpaulin cover on the top of their 4×4 the night before they left. Without realising they had a passenger, they came home and only discovered him (her?) once they unpacked. Poor guy – must have been terrified.

Not knowing what to do with him, they took him to FreeMe – a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Paulshof. It just so turned out that FreeMe knew of someone who was going back up to that very part of Botswana, and so, the following week, they bundled the little guy up again and sent him home!

Isn’t that just the sweetest little story? I just love it that people care enough to go to the effort to ensure that that single frog made it home so he could continue living his little life in peace.

Here are some pics of the frog in question. Anyone know what species it is?


Update – 26 May 2010 – The real participants got in touch with me to reveal the actual story – straight from the source! (and as you’ll see, my broken-telephone version is substaintially different!!)

Courtney Coote writes:

We arrived home from Botswana after an amazing 2 week adventure. We unpacked everything but decided to leave the rooftop tent on the car as it was a mission to take it off. A whole 2 weeks went by and we decided it was time for the tent to retire to the garage. Hands in the air trying to remove a 50kg tent off the car we see a little grey guy sitting between the car and the tent.

It was super cold in Joburg that week and we had no idea what to do with him. We put him in a tree in the garden to keep him high enough from the dogs, and the poor frog just sat there in a frozen position for 2 days. Worried for his life we discussed the options with the family members and decided upon taking him to FreeMe.

So off we went (with) frog in shoebox and when arriving at FreeMe found out he was in fact a Grey Tree Frog. The thing that made this even more surprising it that he comes from the Okavango Delta which we had left 3 days before we arrived home. Poor little guy (or girl?) had travelled about 1000km or more from his home, under a tent that was only separated from the car by a roof rack.

FreeMe then tells us he needs to go home!!! All we thought was 1000km to get him home!! This is going to be a far drive for a delivery! Luckily for us, FreeMe had offered to take him home as they often had people travelling to and from destinations returning animals to their homes.

Thrilled with the news we gave FreeMe a donation and became instant members. 

So there it is. Everyone was happy in the end.”

Thansk for sending the detail Courtney – much appreciated! And thanks for doing good for this little frog!

Photo’s of the Grey Tree Frog by Richard Chadwick.