A brief interlude

Just a short note to let you know not to expect any posts for the next week and a bit, as I will be flying to the Cape tomorrow for a much needed holiday.

We’re spending a few days in Cape Town itself (where I’m hoping to check out the odd farmers market and the green-scene down there). We’re then making our way up to the West Coast National Park so see what unspoilt beauty there is to see there and from there will visit the Cederberg. If the weather plays nicely (which I really hope it does) we can do some walking in the mountains during the day and star-gazing at night.

ps: Before you even ask – yes, I’m offsetting my flights. According to the Co2 calculator on the FTFA site, my partner and I only need to plant 1.4 trees each. That doesn’t seem like much so I’m going to up that to 2 trees each – one for each way plus the extra to cover the fuel we spend driving around the countryside.  :)   (Gotta be responsible even on holiday you know!)

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  1. Enjoy the Cederberg! It’s a magical place. Hopefully you have decent weather this time of year.


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