Where will the vuvuzela’s go?


Anyone considered what’s going to happen to all the Vuvuzela’s that have been bought once this World Cup is over?

I’m willing to bet that the very large majority of South African’s only bought their own vuvuzela in the past few months in the lead up to the World Cup. Yes, it is an African horn that has been part and parcel of South African soccer for some time, but lets be honest… it wasn’t exactly mainstream. You’d see them on the news when the Chiefs, Pirates or other local soccer teams were playing – you didn’t go to your local pub and see people with them there. And until this year, you definitely didn’t see them at a Rugby game!

So my questions are as follows: are people going to use them again for future sporting events or was this just a spur of the moment purchase to get into the fun of having the World Cup here? Will the unused plastic horns end up collecting dust alongside misguided verimark purchases and unwanted gifts in the spare room cupboard or are we going to see them heading towards our landfills?

It might take a year or so for the novelty to wear off, but I reckon we’re going to see a lot of them being thrown away. And that fact – as you might well imagine – doesn’t sit well with me. All that plastic being used for such a short time and then being tossed. Not great.

Does anyone even know if they’re recyclable? And if they are, don’t you think we should start the campaign to promote responsible disposal of them right now?

Image from the The Vuvuzela Diaries. Thanks!