Stop that drip!


My other half and I have been watching the *dismal* Rugby tri-nations the past few Saturdays at our local Cafe Nescafé – the games are on so early in the morning that it suits a long leisurely breakfast and coffee while watching the games (we don’t have satellite tv – so if we want to watch events like this we have to go somewhere – and the pub isn’t my first choice at 9 in the morning!)

Anyway, I used their ladies room while I was there, and when I tried to turn on the taps to wash my hand I initially though they were switched off or sealed. I know a number of places do that with the hot water tap, but surely the cold worked? So I turned it as hard as I could and voila, it opened. Once I had to close it though I realised why it has been so tightly closed – it was dripping! I could not close it as tight as whoever had managed to do it before, so left it dripping and went to chat to the manager to ask if he could please get someone to have a look at it and to change the washer so that not only could his lady customers actually use the basin, but he’d be saving himself money and water.

The first thing he did was start rambling on about the water pressure in Sunninghill (which I know is a disaster), but when I pointed out that it had nothing to do with water pressure – that he just needed a handyman to replace the washer, he got a bit sort of disinterested and even a little iffy. I politely thanked him for his time and walked away feeling a little sad that he clearly didn’t care much. My feeling is that I don’t expect it will be fixed anytime soon.

When we visit there next, you just know I’m going to go check on that tap!

Hope you don’t have any dripping taps in your home or office – if so, please make a plan to get them seen to as soon as possible. Water is a very precious resource, especially in SA.