Superfluous straws


In an attempt to further reduce the amount of plastic I use, I recently pledged to refuse disposable single-use plastic. As with all new green steps, it’s taking some getting used to. I’m still hooked on a quick Woolworths convenience meal at lunchtime for instance and those are a perfect example of single use plastic containers! But I’ll get better – part of the idea of setting a new challenge for oneself is a forced awareness of the current behaviour or habit.

One little thing I’ve become aware about is the use of plastic straws at restaurants. Whenever you order a drink you are given the can/bottle together with a glass to pour your drink into and a straw. Without thinking, almost everyone takes the straw and pops it into their drink.

Have you stopped to wonder if you really need to use that straw?
Your drink has been poured into a nice clean glass. At home and everywhere else, you usually drink straight from the glass. Why use the straw when out at a restaurant?

You can’t argue it’s a hygiene thing, as the glasses definitely get cleaned before they arrive at your table. And really, is there any other argument for using them?

Even those straws that don’t get used inevitably end up being played with by someone at the table, with the result being that the straw and it’s paper wrapping go one way to the bin without even been used. That’s even worse that using it only once!!!

Next time you’re offered a straw with your drink, please think about whether you really need to use it. Chances are that you don’t!

Photo credit: Inya