Of found frogs


Wonderful news! My other half found a frog in our garden the other night. Now you might think this is a rather random discovery to be excited about, but for me, it’s indicative of us having built a healthy garden over the past 3 years.

When we moved in, it was a brand new unit in a newish complex and our garden was just a patch of instant grass. There were few bugs, and few birds.

Over the years we’ve created a basic little garden, always ensuring to bring in indigenous plants, to only use natural fertilisers and to avoid poisons. (For instance, when we had a recent complex decision to spray insecticide everywhere due to a plague of lawn caterpillars, I missioned to ensure that my garden remained poison-free. I was much happier hand-picking the caterpillars and slugs out of my lawn for nights on end rather than obliterating every single creature that lived in my garden.)

As a result, I’ve seen a delightful increase of insects, birds and reptiles making our garden home. This last summer I’ve proudly spotted lizards, praying mantis, dragon flies, beetles, bees and butterflies, plus a greater variety of birds – all of which were nowhere to be seen just 2 years ago. Spotting the frog is like the cherry on top! It’s a definite sign that our little garden is providing an attractive and healthy environment to other species.

PS: for those that care, the frog is a Raucous Toad and he’s not very big – about the size of a R5 coin. We haven’t been able to spot him again, but I like to think he’s just good at hiding and that he’s going to hang around.

Pic by me. Not the frog in our garden, but still a Raucous Toad. Photographed near Cullinan, Oct 2010.