Connect the dots


This Saturday (5th May) sees another day of climate action from They’re calling it “Connect the dots”, and as they put it, they want “to put a human face on climate change” with the use of dots – hundreds (or hopefully thousands!) of photos and videos of people holding dots in areas that have already experienced, or are at risk of, climate change.

It’s a subtle, but clever campaign. There are already hundreds of examples of the impacts of climate change around our world, but people don’t seem to see that it’s all connected. Hence the idea to ‘Connect the Dots’.

After the day of action, the team at plans to use all the footage they receive from around the world to create a potent call to action, and will “then channel that call directly to the people who need to hear it most.” Hopefully that means the politicians and fossil fuel industry!

Want to get involved? There are events planned all over the world and you can sign up here:

In terms of activities in South Africa specifically, if you’re in Cape Town, you can:

If you’re in Durban, you have the option of:

Gauteng-dwellers can get involved in:

Elsewhere in the country:

If you’re planning to attend any of these, or simply to hold up your own dot to raise awareness, please let me know in the comments and feel free to send me pics which I will send on to the SA team for you.