The trees loose out (again)

Do you remember the trees vs billboards saga from late last year? Well I’m sad to report that I’ve spotted similar behaviour this week. Only this time the trees have been pruned to within an inch of their lives for the sake of promoting a night club.

What adds insult to injury is that the real trees have been cut back to show off some fake multi-coloured light-filled palm trees.

The nightclub in question is the new Avastar on Rivonia Road which opens tonight. I drive past it fairly often and have noticed the building works. Then their (fairly lame) star shaped sign went up, and then these fake casino-style trees-of-light got put up. Not once during all this did the real trees on the pavement outside the property of the club suffer any harm – and you could definitely see the palm trees quite nicely when they were lit up. So imagine my dismay to drive past there yesterday to see that the real trees have been “pruned” back to ensure full view of the club’s lighting.

Man, it makes me so sad. And mad.

It’s just so unnecessary. I know the trees will survive and grow again come next summer, but really, cutting them back like that for the purposes of signage visibility – which, I reiterate, was perfectly viewable even with the trees there – is downright selfish and short-sighted.

Part of me wants to investigate the matter further, but I just feel it’s a waste of my energy. The damage has unfortunately already been done, and as with the billboards saga, no-one will actually take responsibility. Be sure that I won’t ever visit that night club though.