Trees vs Billboards – episode 3

In the past I’ve highlighted the annoying habit that some of our outdoor advertising companies seem to enjoy: that of cutting down or dramatically trimming back street trees so that their billboards are more easily visible.

In two previous cases, the issue ended up in the local papers, in one the advertiser withdrew their ads and people hung their head in shame and promised not to do it again.

So you can imagine how annoyed I was this morning to discover another tree has fallen victim to this habit.

The tree in question is just south of the William Nicol and Ballyclare intersection in Bryanston. It’s a beautiful established Acacia tree which has been literally butchered so as to ensure a clear view of a Primedia Electronic billboard. The branches have been torn and broken – look at these pictures I took:


I actually cannot explain the rage I feel about this. This behaviour is shameful.

There is NO advertising in the world that will bring as much benefit to the world as a tree does.  When will advertisers (and developers for that matter) start to realise that they need to work with and around nature?!

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