Photographic proof of our impact on our earth

NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, Time and Google have just released some amazing images showing the changes we’ve made to our plant since NASA started taking pictures of our planet via their Landsat program in 1984.

It’s startling. Amazing. Beautiful. And horrifying. All at once.

You can see the Amazon rainforests disappearing, glaciers retreating, gaping holes that are the tar sands growing exponentially. In the video, they talk about the ‘progress’ of human development – like new ‘land’ in the Dubai seas, and agriculture in the Middle East – but I’d prefer to call it further destruction.  As the article on puts it: “The takeaway is that we now have a tool to see up close just how devastating the effects of climate change are. And with that information, hopefully it will encourage us all to be stewards of change whether in our own backyards—on the micro level—or on a larger, macro level.”

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