The Greta Thunberg phenomenon

If you haven’t yet heard about teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg, you’re missing a trick.

This young lady started the School Strike for Climate movement little over a year ago, where she decided not to go to school on Fridays in order to rather stand in front of her local Swedish parliament to make the very obvious point that if politicians didn’t do anything to help save her future, there isn’t any point in her going to school. Difficult to argue with that logic really.

Many have rallied around her since then – all over the world. And the existing climate activism movement has welcomed it and strengthened with it, pushing her voice ever higher.

I’ve wondered why she specifically has become our poster child and I found this fabulous article on Slate today that explores this exact thought and articulates it very well in my opinion. Please take a moment to read it – you’ll learn loads about Greta too.

Also, go follow Greta on Twitter, to see what she’s up to. She really is an enormously inspiring young lady.