Just a quick little post to say I've been learning lots of late, which is why I've been sort of neglecting my blog. I've been finishing off an updated version of the Greening your Business online course that I did last year, which includes more information about living sustainably, as well as started on an introductory... Continue Reading →

The frogs need you…

As you know I'm a bit of a froggie, with a particular love for reed frogs (see previous posts here, here and here), so of course I'm always keeping an ear and eye open for any updated news about our little threatened friends. The EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust) has a relatively new Threatened Amphibian Programme which... Continue Reading →

Another ewaste collection day

eWASA (eWaste Association of) SA) is holding another nationwide ewaste collection day tomorrow. (Late notice I know... sorry!). Visit their website for more info or check out the graphic below.   And a reminder about why you should be disposing of your electrical goods correctly:  http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/toxics/electronics/the-e-waste-problem/

Come and picnic with me

Friends of Rietfontein is having a picnic at the Rietfontein Nature Reserve this Sunday (23rd June) in the glorious winter sun*. I will be there and I hereby invite you to join me! The picnic is part awareness for the reserve and part fundraising to help us fight the proposed K60 road development that will... Continue Reading →

My theory about “green jobs”

There was a great article in the Mail & Guardian last week about humanity’s long slow suicide under the guise of the green economy – you know, the one that is going to save us all while simultaneously providing lots of new jobs. It reminded me about a theory I have about this promise of... Continue Reading →

I’m an aunt!

Okay, so this isn't exactly a green-related post, but it's such exciting news, that I simply couldn't not share it! My brother and his wife had a perfect little baby girl last night. Named "Lea Willow Frayne", she arrived at 2.35am at a healthy 3.47kg. It was a natural home-birth and all went very well... Continue Reading →

Counting the kilowatts

It’s possible that I may be getting a little bit obsessive about reducing my electricity use. To illustrate this statement, here are some of my newer actions and their reasoning’s: When I’m cooking anything at home, I try to only have one appliance running at once, or a max of two. So, for example, if... Continue Reading →

Sharing my recycling knowledge

In my other life as a designer, I've done some work for the lovely Tanya Kovarsky who runs the blogs Rattle & Mum and Dear Max. We got to chatting about my green tendencies and she asked if I'd write a guest post suitable for her Rattle & Mum readers about recycling. I naturally jumped at... Continue Reading →

Photographic proof of our impact on our earth

NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, Time and Google have just released some amazing images showing the changes we've made to our plant since NASA started taking pictures of our planet via their Landsat program in 1984. It's startling. Amazing. Beautiful. And horrifying. All at once. You can see the Amazon rainforests disappearing, glaciers retreating, gaping holes... Continue Reading →

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