Counting the kilowatts


It’s possible that I may be getting a little bit obsessive about reducing my electricity use. To illustrate this statement, here are some of my newer actions and their reasoning’s:

  1. When I’m cooking anything at home, I try to only have one appliance running at once, or a max of two. So, for example, if I need to boil some water to make stock for a pasta sauce I’m making (which has already started and is on low on the stove) plus I also have to microwave something, I will not multi-task all 3 things. I wait until the kettle is done before using the microwave. I know both use a whack of electricity at once (even if for short periods) and I figure that spreading my electricity drawing load that little bit will somehow help with the overall load that Eskom complains about between 5 and 9pm.

    This also means that if I’m cooking a dinner that requires using 2 stove plates, I turn our electric heater off while I cook (assuming it was on in the first place). Generally I don’t feel cold while I’m in front of the stove cooking, so actually, having the heater while I’m cooking is a waste. And my other half hardly feels the cold, so he has yet to notice this new habit of mine.
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Sharing my recycling knowledge

In my other life as a designer, I’ve done some work for the lovely Tanya Kovarsky who runs the blogs Rattle & Mum and Dear Max. We got to chatting about my green tendencies and she asked if I’d write a guest post suitable for her Rattle & Mum readers about recycling. I naturally jumped at the chance to do it – after all, any opportunity to share green info is worth acting on, right?

I thought it would be quick thing to bash out, but I have to admit that I actually battled a little to condense all the info in my head into something that I hope people will not only read, but also actually act on.

Girl recycling plastic bottlesTake a read for yourself and let me know what you think:

Big thanks to Tanya for the opportunity and the very kind words! x

An upcycled notebook

Inspired by some DIY and recycling ideas I found on Pinterest, and with only about 3 blank pages left in my current notebook, I decided to make my own new notebook out of paper I was given at past conference, with a cover and backing made from some old cardboard packaging. To make it I simply cut the paper and packaging to size and took the whole lot off to Jetline to bind for me. I think it turned out quick well – take a look:

It’s a littlie – A5 – perfect to fit into my handbag, and I reckon the Jungle Oats cardboard will be more than strong enough to withstand the bumps that being in a handbag will no doubt bring. I like it because it was cheap and easy to make, it’s unique and it has kept some cardboard out of the landfill for just a little bit longer.

What do you think? Novel and covetable or just a bit weird?

Do you think you would like one too? I’m thinking about making a few to sell if people are keen… Please let me know.

Incredible Edible

If there is only one video you watch online this week, please make it this TED one by Pam Warhurst about her ‘experiment’ in communal vegetable gardens in her home town of Todmorden in the UK. She’s funny, energising and so inspiring!

“I wondered if it was possible to take a town like Todmorden and focus on local food to re-engage people with the planet we live on, create the sort of shifts in behaviour we need to live within the resources we have, stop us thinking like disempowered victims and to start taking responsibility for our own futures.” – Pam Warhurst

Old uniforms, old memories

When I was a child I went to both the Brownies and to Girl Guides. It was probably the only extra-mural activity (besides pottery) that I really enjoyed and didn’t give up after a few months. I made it all the way through the “ranks” of both.

The other day I visited my mother and she had found my old uniforms – I had no idea she had them, so it was quite a fun surprise. Seeing them brought back some cool memories of the things we did as part of earning our badges and getting out in nature.


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Get rid of your e-waste the right way

Completely by chance, yesterday I discovered that eWASA is holding an e-waste collection day next Saturday. I knew that they had done these before – but I always seemed to find out about it after the fact, so I’m quite pleased that I found out about this one in time.

It’s amazing how we end up collecting bits and pieces of electronic or electrical things that either break or can’t be used anymore and I refuse to put them in the trash to go to the landfill.Read More »