My Monday Morning

How was your Monday morning? Mine was rather unique! I spent just over 2 hours walking up and down the K60 (otherwise known as Van Der Bijl Ave) in Sunninghill cutting off the flowerheads from all the Pompom weed I could find. And I loved it!

Now, if you have read or know anything about dealing with Pompom weed, you’d know that it’s not really best practise to cut it back as it actually stimulates further growth of the plant. (See this article). So why was I out there with my secateurs? Let’s step back a bit to tell the full story… Continue reading →

Invasive plants: Pompom weed


I recently wrote an article for Joburg Green Map which is the first in a series tackling invasive plants, of which there are so very many in Joburg. Literally every time I drive anywhere in Joburg I spot at least one of the Class 1 invader plants (and I don’t know all of them!!). And they’re not just in empty stands of land – they’re in people’s gardens and on their pavements!

If you have a garden or spend any time in nature, I urge you to learn about invasives and play your part in helping to control their spread!

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