Why I’m joining the Global Climate Strike

Global Climate StrikeClimate change is human rights issue. It affects everyone, and particularly the poor and vulnerable – which SA has a large proportion of.

Our politicians and the corporations that run our country need to start making urgent, bold and definitive changes to safeguard our future and that of our children. I believe that our current climate goals are too weak and set with distant deadlines rendering them ineffective.

We need to move away from fossil fuels urgently, we need to invest heavily in renewables, we need water and food security and we need it to happen now. Not in 10 or 20 years.

We are all going to bear the brunt of the impacts of climate change – hell, we already are – and very few people appear to be taking it seriously.

This is why I am taking leave from work to march in the streets alongside others that push for climate justice as part of Friday’s Global Climate Strike.

I hope to meet you there.

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People continue to amaze me…

Amazing story #1

So, I send out a link today to all my mates about a “Party for the Planet” which is planned at Manhattan Night Club in Rivonia on Saturday as part of WWF’s Vote for Earth campaign.  I thought to myself “this is far more up the ‘average persons’ street than the 350.org event – even if it’s not something they whole-heartedly support they will probably come anyway coz it’s a party and they’re always up for parties”.

Turns out I was a little bit mistaken…

Sigh-inducing response #1: I get an immediate email response of “Shame its all a conspiracy honey! Don’t fall into the trap of the New World Order!

Sigh-inducing response #2: From a co-worker in the office: “What’s this propaganda shit you’re sending me?


Amazing story #2

James mentions out aloud in our open plan office that there is a candle-light vigil happening on Friday afternoon from 3-5pm outside the American Embassy for Copenhagen and asks who would like to come with him. Of course I’m reckon I’m in…
…and then a co-worker pipes up “what’s Copenhagen all about?”

Of course we were incredulous and gave her boat-loads of shit about not knowing (especially when I talk, twitter, post & email a lot about these sorts of things – surely some of it *must* have got through her filters) but at the end of it all what can you do except…





09.12 An update to Amazing story #1

I told my wonderful other half last night about ‘our’ plans for Saturday evening and was met with something along the lines of “You’re letting the marketing get to you. Manhattan doesn’t give a shite about Copenhagen and is going to make way more money that evening than WWF will – why do you want to support that?”  While his argument does hold some weight, doesn’t awareness and contribution to charity (however small) still count for something?! Isn’t it a great way to take a concept like this to the mass-market?



“That’s pretty much all the nations there are. For 350.”

I should be diligently trying to psych people up for this weekend’s 350.org International Day of Climate Action. Instead, I’m kind of stunned, knocked for a loop, flabbergasted.

The outpouring of organizing that is going on around the world truly boggles my mind. Yesterday we passed 4,000 different events, rallies, protests set for Saturday; about 8 pm, when it turned out there was a big action planned for Brunei, we had the 170th nation involved. That’s pretty much all the nations there are. This will apparently be the most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.

This article raises my excitement about the 350 event this weekend even more. I have to admit I felt a little defeated this morning when ZERO of my friends replied positively to my invitation to join me on Saturday. Things picked up through the day with a few emails from complete strangers saying they’ll come along, as well as the WWF deciding to do another mailshot and including Joburg in it this time (instead of only CT).

Reading this article however, buoys me up even more, and makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile. It feels good to be part of a movement that is so wide spread and supported, and that I might well be involved in the turning point of something big.

Sorry to my mates who are clearly not cutting edge – they’re going to miss out! ;)