Wise words from EWT’s CEO

I received the latest EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust) newsletter this morning, and the introduction written by CEO Yolan Friedmann really struck a cord with me. So much so that I feel the need to share it with you... (hopefully both Yolan and the EWT are cool with that!) "Numbers. Mathematical objects used to count, label and measure. Loved... Continue Reading →

Back from the bush

Last week I was away in the bush recharging my batteries. We stayed in a private concession in the South-eastern part of Kruger, where it was quiet and off the beaten track. Total bliss - though incredibly hot! We were blessed to see not only the entire Big 5 in one trip, but even saw... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day

I've chosen this quote and image specifically for World Rhino Day which takes place this weekend on Saturday 22nd September. Please support the conservation of our endangered Rhinos that are currently threatened by poaching. 

Rhinos by numbers

As I've mentioned before on this blog, Rhino poaching in SA is at an all-time high. Final numbers of rhino's lost last year in SA alone was 333 - almost 1 per day. Check out this interesting infographic done by Earth-Touch which highlights the plight of our Rhinos, based on the numbers from last year.... Continue Reading →

Ad campaign for “Save the Rhino”

Check out these new adverts for Save the Rhino done by local agency, Stick. Clever message supported with great visuals. I hope it helps raise the much needed awareness about the plight of our Rhinos.Find out about the organisation here, follow them on twitter or join their cause on Facebook. via Between 10 and 5... Continue Reading →

Rhino’s under threat

It's possible that you might have missed the recent news articles about the massive increase in Rhino poaching across South Africa, so I'd like to enlighten you to this tragic turn of events happening right now. As I type tonight, 127 rhinos have been killed in reserves and parks across the country JUST THIS YEAR.... Continue Reading →

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