The Blog: The Green Forrest

I’ve always been a little of a tree-hugger thanks to amazing parents who instilled a love of nature in me at a young age, and as such I’m keenly interested in all things green, sustainable, recyclable, environmentally-friendly, pro-conservation and so on. This blog is my space to let these green musings out, to share my thoughts and the great work of others, and to hopefully inspire you to think and act on green issues.

And yes, I do actually know how to spell “forest”. I purposely put two “r’s” into my logo… here’s why.

The Author: Tracy Frayne

I’m a 40-year-old Joburg girl, with too many thoughts and as many interests. I’m continually inspired by the nature and wildlife of the stunning country I live in – South Africa – and while I love Joburg to bits, when I get the chance, you’ll find me heading out to a remote corner of our country.

When I’m not musing about how to green my life, worrying about the damage we do to our planet, or pottering about in my tiny garden, you’ll find me doing digital product design work for a local bank.

Feel free to get in touch with me or follow me on:
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